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DOMA Architecture/New-developments

New Developments

Both of the principals of DOMA Architecture have extensive experience, over 30 years, in the design of residential developments for both Local Authorities and Private developers. Over that period we have been at the forefront of some of the most significant residential and mixed-use projects in the state. We are familiar with both the theoretical basis and practical application of urban design principals as they apply to creation of vibrant residential neighbourhoods and communities.

The key to creation of positive residential environments is in the design of places where people want to live. This starts with the design of the house itself. A successful design will respond positively to the site orientation, minimise overlooking and provide the type of living spaces that will allow a family to grow through all lifecycle stages. A well designed house should not need to be modified half-way through it’s lifespan!

There are many examples of successful streetscapes in our urban and suburban environment which may serve as templates for successful future developments. While in the centre of our cities we must continue to strive for a residential density commensurate with long-term sustainability it is essential that housing development design on the periphery and rural areas is not compromised by an over-emphasis on high density above all other considerations.

We understand both the business and the social imperatives of housing development design and can work closely with any client to help realise their objectives.